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Managing Performance

It Shouldn't Be a Battle

So why is it that people in organisations don't do what they are supposed to do?

We believe it's because they are allowed not to.  

All too frequently the official 'Performance Management' review is seen as the only tool for managing performance, and the all-important elements of setting targets and objectives, holding one to one meetings and ongoing coaching and feedback are overlooked.  Couple that with the fact that there is often little consequence to not performing meaning that the good performers become tired and disillusioned, and you are in to a downward spiral of missed targets, missed deadlines and overall poor performance.

At Opal Training Services, we can help you to implement proven strategies to promote high performance.  We can then help you to recognise the behaviour preferences of your team and explore how you can use that understanding to get the best from each individual.

If you would like to find out more or have a no obligation conversation about how our services could help you, contact us on or use our Contact Form.

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