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Understanding Your Own Behaviour Preferences

Have you ever dealt with a member of your team or a customer in a way that worked really well?  So well, in fact, that you thought "I must try that again", only to find that when you do, that it doesn't work at all?  Annoying isn't it?  

So why does that happen?

At Opal Training Services, we believe that the key to understanding the behaviour of others is to understand your own behavioural preferences.  That's why, in collaboration with our partners at Amici Consulting, we created our 'Behaviour Sets' model on which our training is built.  It's a tried and tested model that helps us to consider how, given the freedom to do so, we prefer to behave and to consider the impact that this has on those with whom we are interacting.  It also enables us to then identify the behavioural preferences of others and then adjust our own behaviour accordingly.


Unlike some models, Behaviour Sets deliberately avoids giving people a badge or a label, preferring to look at an individual's preferences for a type of behaviour, and then builds on how they can use this understanding to develop alternative strategies for dealing with others.  This removes the opportunity for the 'label' to become an 'excuse' - you know that "Oh you'll never change me, I'm an XYZ"?

All our workshops are highly interactive and use a variety of delegate-centred methodologies and, where possible, allow participants to practise their skills so that they will 'be able to do' and 'not just know about'.  In order to facilitate this, we will often use the skills of professional actors during our skills practice sessions.

If you would like to find out more or have a no obligation conversation about how our services could help you, contact us on or use our Contact Form.

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